Inżynierskie manuale Beko Wmc62w

Inżynierskie Manuale Beko Wmc62w to wysoce wydajne narzędzie do przetwarzania danych, które oferuje wszechstronne i skuteczne usługi przetwarzania danych. Posiada szerokie możliwości zapewniające szybkie i łatwe przetwarzanie informacji, pozwalając na szybkie i bezpieczne przechowywanie i dostęp do danych. Jest wyposażony w wiele opcji i funkcji, które pozwalają na szybkie i bezproblemowe uzyskiwanie informacji na temat danych, ich dostępności i przetwarzania. Manuale Beko Wmc62w jest wyposażony w wiele zaawansowanych technologii, takich jak szyfrowanie danych, bezpieczne połączenia, zarządzanie danymi i ochrona przed wirusami, które zapewniają bezpieczne i niezawodne przechowywanie i przetwarzanie danych.

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washing machine

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Please read this manual first! Dear Customer, We hope that your product which has been manufactured in modern facilities and passed through a strict quality control procedure will give you the best results. Therefore, we advise you to read through this manual carefully before using your product and keep it for future reference. This operation manual will… …help you use your machine in a fast and safe way. • Please read the Operation Manual before installing and starting your machine. •
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Starting the Program............. 19 1 Your Washing Machine 4 Progressing a program........... 19 Overview....................... 4 Changing the program after the program Specifications................... 5 has started.................... 20 Child-proof lock................. 21 2 Warnings 6 Ending the program through General Safety................... 6 cancel
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1 Your Washing Machine Overview Figure 1 � � � � � � 1 - Detergent Drawer 4 - Control Panel 2 - Door 5 - Filter Cap 3 - Top Lid 6 - Height-adjustable feet 4 EN
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Specifications Models WMC62W WMC61W Maximum dry laundry capacity (kg) 6 6 Height (cm) 84 84 Width (cm) 60 60 Depth (cm) 50 50 Net Weight (kg) 63 63 Electricity (V/Hz. ) 230 V / 50Hz 230 V / 50Hz Total Current (A) 10 10 Total Power (W) 2200 2200 Spinning cycle (rpm max. ) 1200 1000 Specifications of this appliance may change without notice to improve the quality of the product. Figures in this manual are schematic and may not match your product exactly. Values stated on the machine labels or in
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2 Warnings Please read the following information. First Use Otherwise, there may be the risk of • To prepare your machine for personal injury or material damage. washing, carry out your first washing Moreover, any warranty and reliability process without loading your commitment will become void. machine and with detergent under “Cottons 90°C” program. General Safety • Ensure that the cold water • Never place your machine on a connections has been made correctly carpet covered flo
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risk of flooding and possible injury equivalent current rating indicated on the due to the hot water. rating plate at the front of the machine • Never force open the locked door! behind the kick plate. The door will be ready to open just a After removing the plug from its transit few minutes after the washing cycle position, please insert the plug seal comes to an end. to prevent water spillage entering the • Unplug the machine when it is not in machine. use. • Never wash down the app
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proceed as follows: 1 Connect the green - yellow or green (earth) wire to the terminal in the plug marked ‘E’ or with the symbol f or coloured green and yellow or green. 2 Connect the blue (neutral) wire to the terminal in the plug marked ‘N’ or coloured black. 3 Connect the brown (live) wire to the terminal in the plug marked ‘L’ or coloured red. With the alternative plugs a 13A fuse must be fitted either in the plug or adaptor or in the main fuse box. If in doubt contact a qualifie
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3 Installation 3. Fit the covers (supplied in the bag Removing packaging with the Operation Manual) into the reinforcement holes on the rear panel. (“P”) Tilt the machine to remove the packaging reinforcement. Remove the packaging reinforcement by pulling the ribbon. C Keep the transportation safety bolts in a safe place to reuse when the washing machine needs to be moved again in the future. C Never move the appliance without the transportation safety bolts properly fixed in plac
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after checking the seal. To prevent any water leakage and any other damage to be caused by it, keep the taps closed when the machine is not in use. Connecting to the water supply. Important: • The water supply pressure required to run the machine must be 1-10 bar (0, 1 – 1 MPa). (Practically, it is necessary to have 10 – 80 liters of water flowing from the tap in • Models with a single water inlet one minute to have your machine should not be connected to the hot run smoothly. ) At
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machine, and to allow for easy B The appliance must not be operated discharge, the end of the hose must whilst faulty until it as been repaired! not be submerged in the drain water. There is the risk of electric shock! The end of the hose must be able to take in air. The hose should be Destroying the packaging pushed into the drainage for more material than 15 cm. If it is too long you may Packaging material can be dangerous to have it shortened. children. Keep the packaging materials o
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4 Initial preparations for washing Sorting the laundry • Sort the laundry according to type of fabric, color, and degree of soiling and permissible water temperature. Always follow the advice on the garment labels. Washing water Wash with Non machine Do not wash temperature sensitive, short washable • Empty pockets and remove all foreign programs. objects such as coins, pens and paper clips. If possible, turn pockets out and brush. • Place small items like infants’ socks Bleach can
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- (I) for prewash Correct load capacity - (II) for main wash • The maximum load capacity depends - (III) siphon on the type of laundry, the degree of – () for softener soiling and the washing program you wish to use. The machine adjusts the amount of C water according to the amount of laundry placed inside. Please follow the information in the C "Program Selection Table". Washing results will degrade when the machine is overloaded. Detergent, softener and other Following weights a
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excessive foam, poor rinsing, financial package. savings and finally, environmental • Never use fabric softener and starch protection. together in the same washing cycle. • Use small amounts of detergent at a • Wipe the inside of the drum after suitable measure for small amounts using starch. of laundry or for only slightly soiled laundry. Eliminating lime formation • Use exact measures for highly • When required, use only appropriate concentrated detergents. lime removers developed
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5 Selecting a Program and Operating Your Machine Control panel 10 7 8 9 12 14 13 7 - On/Off Button 8 - Door Indicator * 9 - Program Follow-up Indicator 10 - Spin Speed Adjustment Knob * 11 - Temperature Adjustment Knob * 12 - Program Selection Knob 13 - Auxiliary Function Keys 14 - Start/Pause/Cancel Button * According to your machine’s model 15 EN
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means higher power consumption. Turning the machine on For further program details, see, C You can prepare the machine for “Program Selection Table” program selection by pressing the the “On/Off” button. When the “On/ Main programs Off” button is pressed, the “Lid” light Depending on the type of textile, the illuminates indicating that the door is following main programs are available: unlocked. Press the “On/Off” button • Cottons again to shut down the machine. You can wash your durabl
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• Hand Wash You can wash your woolen/delicate clothes that bear “not machine- washable” labels for which hand wash is recommended on this program. It washes the laundry with very tender washing movements without damaging your clothes. • Mini 30 This program is used to quickly wash (30 minutes) a small amount of lightly soiled cotton garments. • A Class 40 This program washes for a longer period at 40°C and gives the same result as the “Cottons 60°C” program, thus it saves energy. It i
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Program selection and consumption table EN 2 Programme Cottons 90 6 150 49 1. 90 • • • • • • Cottons 60** 6 145 49 1. 02 • • • • • • Cottons 40 6 140 49 0. 70 • • • • • • A Class 40 40 6 180 49 0. 73 • • • Synthetics 60 3 115 60 1. 00 • • • • • • Synthetics 40 3 110 60 0. 58 • • • • • • Delicates 30 2 65 45 0. 24 • • • • • Woollens 40 1. 5 75 50 0. 28 • • • • • Hand Wash 30 1 45 35 0. 18 • • • Mini 30 30 2. 5 30 45 0. 17 • • • •: Selectable *: Automatically selected, not cancellable. **: Energy Label prog
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In the machines equipped with spin • Auxiliary functions speed selection knob or button, you Auxiliary function selection keys can spin by selecting the desired • Desired auxiliary function depending EN 2 spin speed and press “Start/Pause/ on the program is selected. Cancel” button. • Some combinations cannot be As for machines not equipped with a • selected together. spin speed selection knob, you can • Warning signal on the selected end the program without a spin cycle auxiliary
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selecting the washing program. The first will go on even if the program “Program finished” lamp illuminates selection button is moved and and the “Wash” light will fade when the another program mode is selected program comes to an end. The “Lid” while the machine is operating. You light flashes. Meanwhile, the door will must cancel the ongoing program stay locked for your safety and when it in order to change the washing is safe to open, the “Lid” and “Program program. (See, CancelingInstrukcje obsługi i przewodniki użytkownika Pralki Beko

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